Hospitality Flooring

Visitors to any bar, restaurant or leisure facility notice the decor the moment they enter the premises. You can set the right impression immediately with the perfect flooring choice. Here at Inline Floors, we understand how hospitality flooring sets off your commercial space. We can offer flooring for venues including:

Bars and restaurants

  • restaurant flooring which is safe and practical
  • hygienic options for kitchen spaces which are easy to clean, such as safety flooring
  • flooring which reduces sounds such as dropped cutlery and footfall
  • wood and laminate for a spacious, clean environment and ambience
  • options for fire-proofing and slip-resistance – particularly important in areas with high foot traffic

Hotels and entertainment

  • broadloom carpets which are attractive and easy to clean, making the material ideal for hotel rooms, bar areas and lobbies
  • soundproofing, particularly important in spaces such as cinemas and rooms
  • easy to clean laminate and vinyl finishes
  • flooring which is durable when exposed to moisture and changes in temperature, such as air conditioning

Dance studio flooring

  • floors which are designed to cope with agile footfall, both heavy and light¬†
  • materials producing enough friction for safe movement across the floor, and offer slip-resistance for shoe types including ballet, gym and barefoot.
  • support for contemporary, ballet, hip hop and modern dance among other varieties, for multi-purpose use.
  • anti-static properties.
  • intensive use from high-impact dance classes.
  • easy to clean materials which reduce odor and moisture, such as sweat and water spillages.
  • flooring and underlay which is level and safe, providing a comfortable experience for participants and reliable shock-absorption.
  • colours which are not distracting and contribute to the comfort and ambience of the studio
  • our ranges of vinyl finishes are particularly useful for studios when combined with the right underlay and sub-flooring

Whatever your hospitality needs, and however large or small your space is, we can work with you to choose the perfect flooring solution, covering your unit inch by inch. Not sure what you need? That’s fine – we can project manage for you, and guide you every step of the way. Contact us today for more information and a customised quote.¬†