Rubber Flooring

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Have you ever considered rubber flooring for your business? Well, maybe you should! Many people fail to recognise the many attributes of a rubber floor. For one, it gives cushioning that is needed in some industries such as in gymnasiums. Any place where there is more impact between people’s feet and the hard floor, rubber absorbs a lot of the impact to help prevent injury.

Rubber Flooring Is Durable, Recyclable, Easy to Clean

There are also lots of other types of businesses that buy rubber flooring. Sydney educational facilities and play centres find it helpful in protecting little ones when they take a spill. Rubber flooring is durable, recyclable, and easy to clean. That makes it a good choice in settings where there are frequent spills, a lot of traffic, and the use of heavy equipment such as a manufacturing plant.

A Variety of Colours and Designs

The growing list of colours and designs in rubber floors has also made it a more popular choice in homes. It costs a little more to install than some types of flooring, but it can last significantly longer. Exposure to some types of liquids and chemicals can damage other types of flooring. Rubber, on the other hand, resists water and other spills while also reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Absorbs Impact

Businesses that require employees to spend long hours on their feet can also benefit from rubber flooring. Health problems including vascular disease, bone spurs, back problems, and even headaches can result from long hours on a hard surface. The rubber material absorbs some of the impact and helps keep employees healthy and happy for longer periods of times.

Inline Floors can help you find the best flooring solutions for your needs and budget. We offer supply and installation of interlocking rubber tiles for large projects and oddly shaped areas. We also provide rolled rubber flooring for projects of any type or size. Contact us today to learn more.