Vinyl Flooring Sydney

Forget everything you thought you knew about vinyl flooring and learn why vinyl is such a great choice for a broad range of commercial applications. Floor vinyl has changed a great deal over the last decade, resulting in a highly resilient, versatile, and attractive flooring material. The same qualities that make vinyl a leading choice for homeowners also make industrial vinyl flooring a practical choice in many commercial settings.

Commercial vinyl flooring is made to resist moisture, stand up to heavy traffic, and provide smooth, solid coverage for large floor spaces. The choice of vinyl tiles, planks, or sheets, in addition to a broad range of colours and patterns, allows for endless options for creating a custom floor. No other type of flooring is more versatile or useful for a greater number of applications.

Vinyl tiles and planks give the appearance of real ceramic tile or wood floors at a much lower cost. Vinyl floors are also much easier to maintain and keep clean. Real wood floors are vulnerable to moisture while those made of vinyl are resistant to water and to spills. This feature makes vinyl a more practical choice in any setting where there is frequent exposure to moisture or other liquids. You can use vinyl tiles and planks to create a professional looking floor in a school or studio without worrying about spills.

In some settings, industrial vinyl flooring sheets are the ideal solution. The use of larger pieces of flooring provides coverage in large areas with fewer seams. This results in a smoother, more uniform floor.

Commercial settings like healthcare facilities and surgery rooms that require a hygienic floor will benefit from the ease of cleaning that comes with a vinyl floor. A vinyl floor is also made with slip-resistance properties to prevent slips and falls by staff or customers.

The appearance and performance of your industrial vinyl flooring depends on the preparation of the floor and the installation. At Inline Floors, we provide the range of services you need to ensure professional quality results from your flooring project.

Contact Inline Floors today to discuss your needs. We are happy to help you select the perfect floor vinyl for your needs and provide the services you require to create the perfect floor for your business.

Sheet vinyl

03Sheet vinyl is durable and easy to clean and maintain. It is great for spaces such as hospitals, dental surgeries, schools and child care centres where high-traffic areas must be kept hygienically clean. In addition, you can choose from a large range of styles and colours.

Vinyl plank and vinyl tiles

04Vinyl planks and tiles look similar to stone, wood or a ceramic tile, yet they feel softer and are more cost-effective. It is ideal for those seeking a low maintenance option with the look of raw materials.