Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl planks are just one type of commercial vinyl flooring used in different applications today. All industries can benefit from vinyl flooring, whether it’s used to create a hygienic floor in a surgery centre or a cosy lounge for your employees.

Inline Floors has more than fifteen years of experience selling and installing vinyl flooring in Sydney. We offer a variety of colours and patterns in tiles, planks, and sheets. Many business owners choose vinyl planks because of its resemblance to raw materials. The 3D printing technique used to create the patterns in the vinyl give it the natural look of wood, stone, ceramics, and more.

The benefits of vinyl planks over those made from natural materials include greater resilience, low maintenance, and a lower cost. These features make vinyl planks a more practical choice in flooring in all types of settings.

Vinyl offers superb moisture and stain resistance. It’s easy to maintain and cleans up with nothing more than a damp mop. Vinyl planks are a good choice for offices where the look of wood fits with the professional atmosphere you want to create. With so many colours and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect vinyl plank flooring to match the décor in your Sydney office. Best of all, it will look just like the real thing!

We’ve installed vinyl flooring in countless Sydney offices, creating many happy customers along the way. A number of factors determine which type of vinyl flooring is right for your needs. Whether you want professional looking flooring for single workstations, a uniform floor for an open plan workspace, or the right finishing touch for your executive offices, we can help.

Contact Inline Floors today and let’s start working on the perfect floor plan for your needs. We offer services to help prepare your floor and install your new flooring exactly as it is intended. We have the perfect vinyl flooring solutions for you!